Picture this: A network disaster is approaching  FAST, but you have no idea it’s even on its way.

How do you prepare for something when you’re unsure of what it is or where it’s coming from?

Sure, you have protocols and a damage control plan in place to protect your bottom line, but what if you could prevent something from even reaching your network in the first place? What if you could see the problem brewing, and fix it before it has any effect on your business?

What if there was a way you could feel confident enough to shut off your phone, get a better night’s sleep, take an unplugged vacation, or even enjoy an afternoon of golf without that sinking feeling of the unknown? You can have that peace of mind, no ESP required.

That level of confidence is what DisasterFree is all about. It’s even in our name! We alert you through e-mail or text of potential disasters before they have the chance to wreak havoc.

We’re your front line of defense!

DisasterFree provides you with an easy to use dashboard which alerts you to oncoming network threats, lets you know what isn’t working and where, and what to keep an eye on. We give your IT guy a way to spot issues from a mile away, and at the same time give the CEO ‘control’ of your IT department, instilling more accountability over your IT personnel.

We’re not an IT support company. We’re an innovative software provider that helps business owners like you take complete control so that you can make educated decisions about your network security, regardless of your level of technological know-how. We’re your ticket to total peace of mind.

What would your day be like if you could know a disaster was on its way before it reached you? Get in touch with us today at info@ or (949) 415-6223, or drop by to see our dashboard in action!