Here’s the Mumbo Jumbo that Will Make Your IT Person Deliriously Happy

DisasterFree is an easy, reliable and surprisingly robust IT network monitoring system. It’s suitable for networks of all sizes, but designed with the needs of small businesses (i.e. those with 5 to 25 workstations) in mind.


  • Cloud-based System Monitoring in California
  • No Licensing Required, All features included
  • Sits on Top of Current Network Environment
  • Small Download Network Monitoring
  • Onboarding Process Creates Custom Alerts
  • Quick Set Up by DisasterFree’s Engineers
  • Fully Customizable Monitoring Solution
  • Provides Automatic Network Discovery and Sensor Configuration Throughout California
  • Fully Encompassing Hardware Identification

What/How it Monitors

Monitors System

Monitors every hardware, software

device attached to the network throughout California

SMTP Monitoring

Monitors the SMTP in California

Keeps your network monitoring system running smoothly

Monitors any SNMP

Monitors any SNMP enabled device in California

Runs automatically and conveniently

Database Monitoring

Monitors the databases in California

upon which your software applications depend

Monitors Your Network Systems

Monitors physical & virtualized environments

(VMware, HyperV, Virtuozzo, XenServer, Amazon CloudWatch, etc.)

Network monitoring

Monitors on-premises & cloud-based environments,

and hybrid application deployments

Monitors bandwidth, usage throughout California

activity, uptime and SLA

200 Sensor Types

Has over 200 sensor types throughout Southern California

(including Ping, HTTP, WMI, SMTP, POP3, DNS)

Add Sensors

Enables you to easily add sensors Throughout Southern California

through a three-click dialogue

Programmable Triggers

Has programmable triggers in California

and custom sensors, including smart sensors that automatically recognize multiprocessor systems

Pre-programmed and customizable templates

Uses preconfigured/ customizable templates

based on small business best practices in Southern California

HTTP-based API

Uses an HTTP-based API in Southern California

to interface with other applications

Network Traffic

Analyzes network traffic and behavior

using SNMP, NetFlow v5/v9, sFlow v5, jFlow v5 and packet sniffing

Alerting and Reporting

  • Sends real-time alerts (up/good, down/fail, paused, unusual behavior, unknown)
  • Provides various alert modalities including email, text, HTTP request, SMS, syslog, script, exe, etc.
  • Allows customization of alerts based upon your business’ specific criteria and who receives those alerts
  • Has easy-to-understand dashboard that aids troubleshooting and gives health of entire network at a glance
  • Provides detailed log files and periodic reports

System Requirements

Runs Windows, Apple & Linux

(Including, but not limited to: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 or Apple OS X Server 5)

Stores data in a powerful monitoring data storage system

with no SQL server required

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