There’s an abundance of software providers out there… So how are you supposed to choose the right one for your business?

The answer is simple. Choose the provider that goes beyond just software.

DisasterFree is so much more than just a network monitoring company. We offer a complete full-service suite with a customized experience and setup for each business. We complete the instillation, and give you unlimited support, instead of other companies who just ‘set it and forget it’ and leave the hard work up to you. We monitor and adjust the settings and updates that are specific to your unique network. Our technicians are available anytime to address issues and concerns.

The bottom line: You’ll never be left to fend for yourself.

Our Dashboard is interactive and user-friendly, using a straightforward color code system to let you see at a glance how each separate part of your IT network is doing at any given moment, and alerting you to issues and potential issues before they have the chance to cause disruptions, downtime, or damage.

For a fixed monthly fee, DisasterFree will cover an unlimited number of workstations, ensuring that you have all of your bases covered. No unexpected bills, an amazing team behind you, and no unforeseen technology problems? What more could a busy CEO need for their business’ IT network?

Want to learn more about what DisasterFree can do for your business? Contact us at info@ or (949) 415-6223. See what kind of difference the right software can make.