The DisasterFree dashboard offers an incredible range of features designed to take the worry out of your business’ IT network. Its color-coded display provides an easy way for you to see at a glance what the status of every individual aspect of your network is at any given moment, from any device. For a busy CEO, the dashboard is the ultimate IT tool that requires no IT skill at all to use.

Remote Network Monitoring

But that’s not to say it’s not a great technical tool. The dashboard was created just for you. Everything else is for your office’s resident technology superhero; your IT guy.

The tech geek on your team will love everything DisasterFree does behind the scenes to make their job easier, highlights of which include:

  • Automatic Network Discovery and Sensor Configuration
  • Full Customization/Preconfigured and Customizable Templates
  • Small Download Network Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Physical and Virtual Environments
  • HTTP-Based API to Interface With Other Applications
  • Analysis of Network Traffic and Behavior Using SNMP, NetFlow v5/v9, sFlow v5, jFlow v5, and Packet Sniffing

DisasterFree has two main goals – giving you back complete control over your business’ IT network, and giving your IT guy the ability to spot issues before they can create real problems, and get your IT back up and running fast by taking the guesswork out of the troubleshooting and analysis process.

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