Things appear to be working fine- for the most part. Your IT team works hard at monitoring your network and mending concerns as they develop. They reassure you that they have everything under control, and they undoubtedly believe that they do. On the surface, things seem okay, aside from a few small snags which they hastily tackle before too much damage is done.

But what about the issues that are hiding beneath the surface? The ones that neither you or your team are aware of? Even the thought of potential problems is scary.

You recognize as a CEO that there is always the risk of a disaster happening, and you’ve spent a lot of time, money, and resources, ensuring that if the “big one” hits, you’ll be prepared. You have protocols and backups in place to protect your important data, and your IT team does their best to make sure these systems are implemented and checked as often as they can.

But is that enough?

What if you discover the hard way that the system you have in place to monitor your network, and the backups themselves, is no longer working? What if the ghosts that are hiding beneath the surface suddenly rear their ugly heads and take down everything that you’ve worked so hard to build? Your systems, your files, and most importantly- your reputation.

There’s hope. Here’s how we can help ease your fears.

Thankfully, there is an affordable and easy to use dashboard that allows you to monitor every aspect of your network and provides your IT team with the knowledge and accountability they need to succeed. You’ll receive real-time alerts on network issues to your phone or computer, and access to a simple yet detailed dashboard showing you everything that’s working, and potential errors before they evolve into disasters. Having DisasterFree’s Network Monitoring Service at your fingertips gives you the peace of mind in knowing that in an instant, you can easily see the complete health of your network. We completely take care of the setup, maintenance, and customization for you.

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