We would like to take a moment to introduce you to Joe. Joe is just like you. He has a nice house, a great family, and fun hobbies. But one thing that may set you apart from Joe is that when he leaves the office, he gets to enjoy a wonderful and stress-free life. Joe’s life might not always be perfect, but one thing he knows he can count on for certain is that his business will never be a source of anxiety for him.

But that wasn’t always the case. As the CEO of his own business, Joe knows that every aspect of his business relies on his network infrastructure. With so much riding on his technology, Joe used to worry constantly about all of the things that could go wrong.

Business Network Monitoring

Was his server healthy? Was his phone system, email, and backup solution going to continue to work when his business needed it the most? How secure was his database? Were his firewall and antivirus program doing enough to keep his business safe? And then there were the ongoing issues his IT just couldn’t seem to get to the bottom of.

Yes, Joe used to spend a lot of his time both in and out of the office worrying about what ifs. The problem was that he just didn’t have the answers he needed. Maybe everything was fine, and he was concerned over nothing. But what if there was an IT disaster on the horizon?

This lack of control was driving poor Joe crazy. But not anymore. Joe’s company started using DisasterFree, and everything changed. This comprehensive and ridiculously cost-effective IT network monitoring solution gives Joe’s company continuous monitoring of everything that’s attached to his IT network, and he receives proactive alerts that stop the spread of network and server issues.

The color-coded dashboard offers a red light, green light status system that even the least tech savvy user can understand, and provides easy troubleshooting that saves time and money by allowing his IT guy to pinpoint the issue quickly. For Joe, the best part is that he has the ability to monitor his business’ network from anywhere, at any time, from any device. He gets all of this and so much more for a fixed monthly fee that covers an unlimited number of workstations, and provides unlimited monthly support.

Thanks to DisasterFree, Joe is enjoying the stress-free life he once thought he could only dream of. If Joe’s story sounds all too familiar to you, getting that same happy ending for your own story is as simple as sending an email, or making a phone call.

Want to find out more about how DisasterFree can take the anxiety out of your business’ IT network? Contact us at info@ or (949) 415-6223, or visit www.meetjoeceo.com for more information.