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Preventing Disastrous & Costly IT Network Failures One Small Business at a Time

About Us

Created for small businesses that need a safety net

Back in 2002, Linden Mosk owned a firm that provided full outsourced management of clients’ technical systems. It was an excellent service, but it wasn’t cheap. Small business owners often asked if there was an affordable option that would just keep an eye on things, and give a warning if anything wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do. When Linden couldn’t find a dynamic product that would meet this need, he decided to create it himself. The result: DisasterFree, the only IT network monitoring system that makes enterprise-level monitoring features available to the smallest technology budget.

Your business depends on your IT network working properly

Unfortunately, a lot can and does go wrong. Backups don’t take place…Wi-Fi or the phone system goes down…firewalls get breached…routers malfunction…data gets corrupted. The list of potential disasters goes on and on.

Gain command even if you’re NOT technical

DisasterFree enables anyone to keep tabs on the health of their IT network. Catch trouble spots, security threats and other issues early, and address them long before they cause your system to break down.

Get started now

In less than an hour the DisasterFree team can customize and install this robust 24/7 automated monitoring system up for you. Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Request a Free Review

Find out what shape your IT network is in right now. Request a free, no-obligation network audit today.

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